Family Dentistry for Waverly, OH

If you and your family live near Waverly, OH, or other towns in Pike County, simplify your dental care with a visit to a family dental office in Chillicothe. Chillicothe Family Dental offers family dental care for everyone from children to adults.

What Dental Care Do You Need?

As a family dental office in Chillicothe, we offer a wide range of services suitable for patients of all ages. For example, we are knowledgeable in pediatric dental care, which allows us to spot, treat, and educate about specific children’s dental issues. This knowledge also allows us to work with kids successfully, including ones with dental anxiety.

No matter what age our patients are, we provide experienced services such as dental exams, complete with cleanings and x-rays. We also offer specific services like fillings, crowns, bridges, dentures, extractions, root canals, teeth whitening, and Invisalign. And if a member of your family has a dental emergency, we provide treatment for those as well.

Why Choose Us for Your Family Dental Care?

We want your entire family to feel welcome and comfortable when you walk in our doors. To do so, we provide a family-friendly environment with calming music. Additionally, our staff is kind and gentle, and no one will feel judged by the condition of their teeth. You matter to us, so allow us to provide the best dental care possible.

Also, we understand that budget is often a concern, so we always tell you if we accept your specific insurance and can give you an upfront estimate before your dental appointment.

Finally, we strive to educate all family members about what they need to do for dental hygiene. That way, whether your child needs to brush their own teeth for the first time or you need to know how to care for a new crown, we’re here for you.

Please call (740) 773-8384 today to discuss your family dental care needs.